The Power of Band-Aids and Cough Drops

If you read my Keeping a “Beginning of the Year” Inventory post, you may have noticed that my list of supplies includes Band-Aids and cough drops. It’s nice to be prepared for those students who ask for these items, but I think there is a deeper value to having them that goes beyond bandaging a wound or stopping a coughing fit.

I had students this week who asked for each of these items, and both of them replied with words we don’t often hear as educators: “thank you.” Kids don’t always appreciate the knowledge and skills our classrooms provide, but they do appreciate little kindnesses such as providing a Band-Aid or a cough drop.

We know the importance of building relationships with students, and providing a Band-Aid or a cough drop, or being kind to students in some other way, can go a long way towards building those relationships. One Band-Aid can get a student on your side for the entire year. Try doing something nice for a student, and that tough exterior starts to melt away, giving us yet another avenue for teaching not only skills and knowledge, but character as well.


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