Using a Text File as a Digital Notepad

I used to keep a yellow pad on my desk where I would scrawl notes as my teaching day wore on: “3rd period made it to page 40” or “Call Johnny’s mom about his tardiness.” If I thought of an idea for the next day’s lesson, remembered that I needed to set up a meeting with other teachers, or realized there was something I needed for the classroom, I wrote it here. At the end of the day, I would take these notes and process them by either taking action on them, recording them in Evernote, or adding the notes to my task management system (I use Omnifocus).

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Using Evernote for Lesson Planning

Evernote is a great tool for daily lesson planning. Having a record of our lessons, including what went right and wrong with the lesson as well as ideas for next time, is an invaluable tool for being effective and improving as a teacher. Here is how I handle daily lesson planning using Evernote.

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Getting to Know All of Your Students

As the first quarter of the school year comes to a close, I usually find that I still don’t know all of my students’ names. Yes, this is somewhat forgiveable, considering that at the secondary level we have somewhere around two-hundred names to remember, but I want to stop having that awkward moment when I pull a student’s card (I use stacks of 3×5 cards to randomly call on students) only to find that I’m not sure who I’m calling on.

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